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Question: I supply some ROFDA Members [with goods/services] and want to become a ROFDA Associate Member so I can attend the Conferences to network with other prospective customers. Where do I get an application and how much are my annual dues?

Answer: There are No Application or Annual Dues. To become an Associate Member of the Association requires that your company pay a sponsorship fee at each conference to help offset costs. Thats it!!

My company is not doing business with any ROFDA Members yet, but I would like to attend the Conferences to help build a relationship with potential customers. Is this arrangement possible?

Answer: Absolutely. The only requirement is that your company must be actively pursuing distribution of products/services through grocery wholesalers and in good standing with the industry.

Does ROFDA have Exhibits at their meetings?

Answer: No. We feel there are enough national and state associations offering exhibits. We focus on building relationships.