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Retailer Owned Food Distributors & Associates

keith swiednicki international (ksi) – supply chain solutionsherlitz inventory management


When ROFDA members have supply chain challenges, KEITH SWIEDNICKI INTERNATIONAL (KSi) will find the solutions. For over 8 years Keith Swiednicki has been a proven and trusted advisor for ROFDA members providing them with sound and actionable supply chain solutions resulting in significant savings. Keith and his associates from KSi look forward to continuing to build this relationship by providing ROFDA members high quality tactical and strategic recommendations with the same passion, dedication and service excellence they have come to expect.


Herlitz Inventory Management

Herlitz’ solutions are the standard in inventory management for wholesale and retail. E3 and earlier designs are still in use today; optimizing inventory for hundreds of customers, 20+ years later. HIMPACT leverages “Big Data” to improve service with less inventory. Daily re-forecasting, alerts, and analytics increase buyer insights into changes in demand.

Our latest solution, HIMPACT, was built for today’s marketplace, with its changing customer preferences, high level of promotion, and even higher service expectations.

☑ Optimize Profits & Service for each SKU down to the Store/Shelf
☑ Wholesale, Retail, & VMI in One Solution, single or multi-echelon
☑ ROI in under 12 months

“We make purchasing work for people.” To Know More, visit