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Retailer Owned Food Distributors & Associates

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Lucas Systems

Lucas Systems provides work execution solutions that help improve warehouse efficiency, labor productivity, and customer service without changing your current host, WMS or ERP systems. Unlike traditional voice-enablement solutions, we help you transform operations by leveraging next-generation optimization software and mobile technologies. Our software gives managers real-time insight to better manage their operations, and allows workers to...

epaCUBE, Inc.

Manage items, pricing, DSDs and promos from distributor to retailer


Edict Systems, Inc.

Edict Systems has been providing EDI services since 1990 and today works with thousands of businesses of all sizes to lower costs, increase efficiencies, and maximize the value of EDI.

Whether your needs are full or partial EDI outsourcing, our technology is cloud-based so you don’t have to maintain in-house EDI systems and...


Media Solutions Corp.

Media Solutions Corporation has worked with most all of the Member wholesalers in ROFDA as well as grocery trade association organizations like NGA, FMI,  TOPCO and ROFDA to provide business to business websites as well as digital marketing services to over 1,000 independently owned grocery stores. Member wholesalers who are looking to update their own website...


Rosie lets you shop online from local grocers for delivery or in-store pickup…