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Retailer Owned Food Distributors & Associates

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Smart Market

Smart.Market is an innovative marketing tool; using Patent Pending technology to deliver cost effective, highly customized offers to each household within a user defined Custom Trade Zone. Our platform, enables advertisers to message their shoppers via print and digital methods, with or without an installed loyalty program. Clients can also use their existing customer data...


By integrating store-level POS information with procurement and warehousing processes, Salient's technology provides co-ops  and their store members with visibility into daily consumer buying patterns across their distribution territories. This detail allows co-ops to identify consumer trends to better manage inventory levels, product assortments, promotions, and pricing as well as drive performance improvement across the...

epaCUBE, Inc.

Manage items, pricing, DSDs and promos from distributor to retailer


Ryan Companies US, Inc.

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Herlitz Inventory Management

Herlitz’ solutions are the standard in inventory management for wholesale and retail. E3 and earlier designs are still in use today; optimizing inventory for hundreds of customers, 20+ years later. HIMPACT leverages “Big Data” to improve service with less inventory. Daily re-forecasting, alerts, and analytics increase buyer insights into changes in demand.

Our latest solution, HIMPACT, was built for today’s marketplace, with its changing customer preferences, high level of promotion, and even higher service expectations.

☑ Optimize Profits & Service for each SKU down to the Store/Shelf
☑ Wholesale, Retail, & VMI in One Solution, single or multi-echelon
☑ ROI in under 12 months

“We make purchasing work for people.” To Know More, visit


Kimberly Clark Corporation

2100 Winchester Road Neenah, WI 54956
More often than not, online students do not having to attend class nor visually experience the anxiety and fear felt by their fellow online students when they have to finish an assignment or prepare for exams.

Designer Greetings

Designer Greetings is an award winning, family owned company that produces one of the most extensive greeting card lines in the industry. We are focused on the independent supermarket channel with a strong awareness to the retailer's market demographic. We also offer boxed Christmas cards, packaged invitations, decorative boxed thank you notes, as well as...


With more than 15,000 customers across 54 countries, 1WorldSync is the leading product information network and data pool solutions provider, certified within GS1 Global Data Synchronization Network™ (GDSN®). 1WorldSync solutions and services enable businesses to exchange product information across their buy and sell side trading partner communities, via a single cloud- based platform with solutions including Supply Chain Enablement, Product Risk & Compliance, and Omni-Channel Commerce. 1WorldSync is jointly owned by the member organizations of GS1 Germany and GS1 US. GS1 is the preeminent organization for the development of global standards, for identifying, capturing and sharing product information.


Robinson Fresh

Robinson Fresh® got its start in the produce industry over 100 years ago, providing fresh fruits and vegetables to the settlers of North America. Today, Robinson Fresh® is one of the largest produce companies in the world and offers the highest quality products. In addition to fresh produce, Robinson Fresh® offers an abundance of fresh solutions—including high-impact packaging, innovative products, and branded produce. We work directly with growers, investing in nomadic crops and fragmented supply, so you get the produce you need to meet your customer’s demands.