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AG New England President/CEO Bourgoine to Retire in July

Mike Bourgoine








Mike Bourgoine, longtime leader of Associated Grocers of New England in Pembroke, New Hampshire, will retire effective July 3. Bourgoine, who is president and CEO, will continue to work on finalizing the transition plan with Mike Violette, who is EVP and COO.

Bourgoine joined AG New England in March 2001 as EVP. He was promoted to COO in 2003, president in early 2004 and then added CEO to his position later in 2004.

In making the retirement announcement to all the AG New England associates, Bourgoine said, “My 15 years working with you have been the best years of my working life. We have accomplished much in those years together. We have taken little old AGNE from a small wholesaler among many much larger wholesalers to a company that is respected and admired in New England and nationally. We not only survived, but we have also thrived, and it is because we care about our customers, the communities we live in and each other. I will certainly miss working every day with you as you make AG even more successful.”

While he may be stepping down in five months, Bourgoine was clear about the key to AG’s future success: “Continued expansion of our product offering and territorial reach to generate growth and prosperity for our customers. The vision for AG has not changed over the years. We are here for the sole purpose of serving the needs of our customers and to provide solutions that keep our cooperative relevant in today’s fast-changing business environment. In 1946, AGNE was owned by 16 entrepreneurial independent food store owners. Today, AGNE is owned by 300 entrepreneurial independent food retailers. The mission hasn’t changed—just the way we go about it is more complex and challenging.”

AG New England is the largest retailer-owned, wholesale grocery distribution center in New England and a full-service, single source supplier from Maine to Maryland for natural, organic and specialty products. It serves the needs of independent retail grocers of every store size and format, including multi-store independent supermarket groups, community supermarkets, country stores and convenience retailers.

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