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ROFDA Update from Chairman David Bullard

Greetings ROFDA Associates,

On behalf of the ROFDA Board of Directors, we want to thank you and your companies for your historic and continuing support of ROFDA. The ROFDA member companies are committed to the future of the organization. ROFDA continues to provide measurable benefits for our Associate companies and member cooperatives alike.

We do have a plan going forward. Our core focus is productive and meaningful Share Groups, Programs and Conferences.

ROFDA Share Groups will become more engaged than ever before. They will have quarterly virtual meetings using “Zoom” type technology and occasional site meetings as needed. Share Group teammates from our member cooperatives will engage with one another on mutually relevant matters, be provided clear objectives and projects by the Board, and held accountable for delivering results. As Share Groups are a primary function of ROFDA, we believe this new format will provide an outstanding opportunity for each cooperative to grow stronger by working together.

We will have a Fall Conference. This year, it will be “Virtual”. We will have exciting and valuable content, webinar type presentations, and pre-scheduled blocks for virtual top-to-top meetings between Suppliers and CEO’s from cooperative member companies. These virtual collaboration meetings will allow our Supplier partners to discuss their companies’ offerings, COVID-19 recovery, and opportunities to work together for a mutual benefit. There will be more information on the Fall Conference coming soon.

We will maintain our current Programs with participating Suppliers, and truly appreciate your ongoing participation. If a Supplier wishes to present a new Program to the ROFDA Board, or become a ROFDA Associate Member, they must qualify by doing business with a member cooperative and have that cooperative sponsor them as a Supplier or as a prospective Associate Member. Then a recommendation for membership or Program presentation will be made to the Board of Directors.

Teresa Pope will continue as a full-time employee of ROFDA. She will be the administrative “hub” for the organization, and will coordinate all ROFDA activities and communications. Please direct questions or comments to Teresa, as she will be our point of contact.

We are looking forward to our collective future as our organization evolves. Your continued support is very much appreciated. As stated earlier, more details and information is forthcoming.

Warm regards,
David Bullard
ROFDA Chairman


Download the Press Release: Chairman Lettter 08/17/20

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