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Taylor First Female President For Music, Audio Influencing Company

The Shelby Report
September 13, 2021

Gulf Breeze, Florida-based Adergy Inc. has appointed LeeAnn Taylor as president, and she began her new duties on July 1.

As a customer-focused, strategic leader in the grocery industry, Taylor provides a diverse background and expertise in operations, project, sales, distribution and marketing communications management.

During her time as VP at Adergy Inc., she has directly contributed to the growth and success of the company through an innovative approach to leadership and sales for more than 14 years. Her dedication, experience and knowledge are recognized assets as John Greenfield, founder and CEO, selected Taylor to succeed him as president.Taylor

“I am pleased to announce to the industry and specifically to every business and professional Adergy Inc. serves and may serve, that LeeAnn Taylor’s title as Adergy’s vice president was changed. As of July 1, LeeAnn Taylor officially became the new president of Adergy Inc. Congratulations are in order. I’m so proud and inspired by LeeAnn’s accomplishments. In addition, I’d like to note that LeeAnn Taylor is now the very first female president of any national music and audio influencing company in the U.S.”

As president of Adergy Inc., Taylor will continue to fulfill her leadership responsibilities, develop and incorporate value-driven services for clients, manage financial objectives, support relationships with retailers and distribution centers, and guide corporate strategy to achieve company goals.

According to Greenfield, Taylor has, “in every leadership role, inspired Adergy’s team to deliver stellar service at every touch point Adergy serves. Unselfishly, she poured herself into Adergy’s growth, creating many new business partners, distributing center administrators and subscribers of our service. LeeAnn’s professionalism has been recognized by the industry, including ROFDA and NGA, where she serves as a member of WGA.”

Taylor has been serving as a member of the Women Grocers of America for over four years, a social organization with the National Grocers Association that seeks to empower women throughout the independent grocery industry. As an advocate for social impact, Taylor spends her time volunteering within the community and her local church, providing meals to people in need and during disaster response.

“I am thrilled to be serving as president of Adergy as I am a strong advocate of the independent grocery industry since the beginning of my career,” Taylor said. “The opportunities to transform and implement how we engage, educate and entertain shoppers throughout the industry are as vast as they are important. This past year has been challenging for all because of Covid-19 and the changing landscape for retailers – I am encouraged that we have been able to continue to adapt and provide solutions that work. Our free for all Community Strong and Covid-19 PSA’s have shown our commitment to being present for retailers during this time and in the future.”

Adergy Inc. is a privately held company and a provider of customized audio advertising and streaming music serving the market for more than 32 years. The company provides support and service to more than 1,891 account locations and 583 banners with more than 667,584 customized audio advertisements. It offers Overhead Messaging & Music, Messaging On-Hold, Phone Menu Prompts and Creative Content Development along with a team of professional voice talent and scriptwriters.


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